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Product description:

Wide stairs enable the assistant and the disabled to ascend together and glide down the slide channel, if desired. The tread depth has been increased so that you can stand on stairs with both feet. The handrails and panels of stairways are a bit higher than for our standard products. For people with visual disability, we have painted the vertical surfaces, the first step, and one platform board darker (to create a contrasting effect).
Children in wheelchair can independently develop their hand motor skills by moving the ring from one end to the other without touching the tube. The element features one larger and one smaller ring, i.e. an easier and a harder version.

Product consists of:

  • Platforms: 1pc height 0.95m
  • Platforms: 3pc height 0m
  • Roofs: 1pc
  • Slides: 1pc height 0.95m
  • Bridges: 1pc
  • Slopes: 1pc
  • Stairs with handrails: 1pc
  • Play corners: 4pc

Safety area dimensions:

  • Safety area width: 8.12m
  • Safety area length: 9.8m

Safety area: Yes

Product data sheet

More drawings for architects, installation manuals and certificates available after log in or by request.


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