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This type of skatepark has a unique monolithic structure. You can place it anywhere even without an asphalt surface. The entire structure is installed on concrete pillars (Ø 30cm) 20-50cm above the ground.

The Main Advantages/Benefits of MONOLITH Skateparks:

1. No cracks between gradations and riding surface, higher safety while riding and the riding speed is not affected because the upper layer of the riding surface is mounted at an angle of 45 degrees.

2. Less injuries in case of falling.

3. Significant financial savings, because the underlying surface needs no preparation.

4. It can be installed ANYWHERE.

This type of park is available in several configurations: Eco, Base, Base+ and Pro. All skatepark elements have been designed by professional riders and are suitable for skateboarders, roller skaters, BMX and scooter riders and manufactured in accordance with the safety standard EN 14974:2010.

Our skatepark development team has 10 years of experience in this field. All elements have been manufactured industrially using the Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC)

Technology for cutting which ensures that the support structures maintain their shape, hence contributing to the long service life of the whole product. The materials used are weatherproof. This ensures the long service life of skateparks in difficult conditions as well. The ride surfaces of our standard products are covered with high-quality waterproof birch plywood with anti-slip phenyl coating.

Only Torx screws are used for joining elements to ensure strong and stable connections. Since the ride surface is covered with two layers of plywood, only the upper layer needs to be replaced once worn down. This ensures lower maintenance cost.

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