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This product range features a colourful and exciting underwater world. Just like the water world lures you with its mystery and beauty, these products invite children to undertake exciting exploration trips and test themselves by tackling these new challenges, The underwater world is extremely diverse and the same kind of diversity is provided by the Water World range. The sense of balance and three-dimensional movement characteristic to fish have given us ideas how to develop the sense of balance in children. Climbing nets, walls, ladders and tracks of various level of difficulty are in bright colours and invite small adventurers to discover themselves through play. The range displays colourful fish and other aquatic creatures which make the products look lively and boost the children’s fantasy! NEW! Water World series is now maintenance free (Maintenance free - MF) Maintenance free products are made of aluminium posts, HDPE plastic panels and plastic covered platforms and stairs. Maintenance free products are super durable, weather- and vandal-proof, in vivid colours and have double warranty!

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