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Today, more and more people have come to the understanding that physical activity and healthy lifestyles are essential to stay healthy and in good shape, enjoy life and maintain vitality in old age.

We spend a large portion of our time indoors. Open air training equipment allows enjoying the sun and fresh air. Most of our products are suitable for all age groups from school children through to the elderly.

Equipment made from metal is durable and weatherproof and suitable for parks, family playgrounds, tracks designed for recreational use as well as for schools and home yards.

The training equipment which helps to relax and keep in shape is designed for strengthening and training various parts of the body. Training makes you more vivacious, increases stamina and improves muscle mobility and flexibility of joints. The range includes hot-galvanized and powder coated equipment. It is possible to choose between different colour combinations (beige-brown, red-yellow, yellow-blue, etc.).

The products are TÜV certified and meet the requirements of the standard EN 16630:2015. Minimum order 5 elements!

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